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Christian Jose Ruiz, a Story of Courage

The joy of being released from a detention center

Christian José Ruiz Sanchez, age 23 who was held in Laredo, Texas at GEO Del Rio Detention center. He was a university student from Nicaragua. He was involved in helping a Catholic priest that was taking food and water to young people protesting the Ortega government. On May 14 he was shot by paramilitaries working to suppress the protests. Doctors in Nicaragua were unable to dislodge a bullet in his lung. He was forced to flee for his life and made it to Texas where he was put into detention on March 25, 2019. He was released from detention on July 18, 2019 and he is on his way to Los Angeles, to Pastores Valiente's home. He needs medical attention to determine if he needs to have a surgery or not.

We want to thank everybody for your donations for airline tickets, legal fees and bond. Thank you RAICES for your generous donation for his bond, Zachary Hoover/L.A. Voice, Brad Christerson/Matthew 25/Mateo 25 SoCal, Anita Wells/AbueNica, Fernando Raul Arellano, the amazing abuelita Muriel Saenz Carlos Saenz/Nahra Human Rights, his sponsors Maria Mendoza and Francisco Mayorga. We will be hosting Christian temporally until we find an amazing family to host him. Please keep him and his mother on your prayers. 🙏🏻

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